A document or a process in which a secured party gives up its collateral interest in the property of the debtor. Releases may be for all of the property of the debtor or may be partial. For example, if a real estate developer has pledged 10 lots as collateral for a loan, a partial release may be used for each lot as it is sold. For personal property collateral, a release may be entered into the public record by using a standard form called UCC-3. American Banker Glossary
Relieve party to a trade of any previously made obligation concerning that trade, hence allowing the would-be transactor to show the inquiry/ order to a new broker. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Release of goods to a Customs procedure either at the Frontier using the Simplified Declaration Procedure ( SDP) or entry in the records using the Local Clearance Procedure ( LCP). NB Under NES 'Permission to Progress' allows release. HM Customs & Revenue Glossary

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I. release re‧lease 1 [rɪˈliːs] verb [transitive]
1. to make information, figures etc publicly available:

• The company will release its latest earnings figures on Wednesday.

2. MARKETING to make a new product, especially a film, book, or record, available for people to buy or see:

• The film will be released on DVD next week.

3. HUMAN RESOURCES to allow someone to stop working for you:
release somebody from something

• He asked to be released from his contract.

4. FINANCE to make money available to be used:

• the need to release the money for grants

  [m0] II. release release 2 noun
1. [countable] an official statement, making information publicly available:

• In a joint news release, the companies said no agreement had been reached.

ˈpress reˌlease
[countable] an official statement giving information to the newspapers, radio, or television:

• The company didn't comment on the charges, but will be issuing a press release today.

2. [countable, uncountable] MARKETING a new product, especially a film, book, or record, or the fact that it is available:

• The company is hoping to keep ahead of the market by bringing out a new release of its operating system.

• The movie has taken $5.1 million since its release.

• The film will be on general release (= available in most places ) on August 3.

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release UK US /rɪˈliːs/ verb [T]
COMMUNICATIONS to make information available to the public: »

According to a study released last week, nearly 250,000 Britons emigrated last year.

release a statement/document/report »

The conservation group released a report accusing petroleum companies of causing widespread pollution.

release details/figures/findings »

Figures released by the Council of Mortgage Lenders show that fixed-rate products accounted for 78% of mortgages in August.


Copies of the correspondence between the attorneys have now been released to the media.

COMMERCE to start to sell a new product: »

Only a very small percentage of the software games released each year actually make money.

release a CD/DVD/movie »

The record company has just released a CD that brings together the artist's solo and collaborative work.

FINANCE to make money available to be spent: »

A spokesman for the transport group said new debt arrangements would release €500 million.


Selling their home to release the equity is some people's only way of funding their living expenses in old age.

PRODUCTION to produce gases or chemical substances as part of a manufacturing or industrial process: »

Many industrial processes are still releasing great quantities of carbon dioxide.

to officially say that someone no longer has a job, position, or responsibility: release sb from sth »

The club has agreed to release three of its players from contract.

release UK US /rɪˈliːs/ noun
[S or U] COMMERCE the act of making a new product available to buy or a new film available to see: »

The album sold more than 200,000 copies in the week following its June 12 release.


The movie's release date has been pushed back six weeks.


Sales peak when retailers time their promotion campaigns with the release of a box-office hit like Star Wars.


Throughout the country, people have been queuing outside stores as they anticipate the commercial release of the new phone.

after/on/since release »

Customers purchasing new computers have been offered a free upgrade to the latest operating system on its release.

be/go on release »

A Blu-Ray version of the movie is now on general release.

[C] COMMERCE a new product that is made available to buy, especially a CD, DVD, or a piece of software: new/recent/latest release »

Three of the major Hollywood film studios agreed to sell their older movies - but not new releases - through iTunes™.

[S or U] COMMUNICATIONS the act of making information available to the public: »

The report's release resulted in share prices dropping dramatically.


A temporary order was granted by the judge preventing the release of about 900 pages of e-mails.

the release of information/reports/figures »

The rand lost ground again after the release of worse-than-expected gold and foreign exchange figures.

[C] COMMUNICATIONS an official statement or document that is made available to the public: »

The city's GDP, down 5% to $48.86 billion, reflected the blow struck by the earthquake, the bureau said in a release.


a news/press release

issue/put out a release »

We will not be issuing a release on any tax increases until work on the state budget for the next fiscal year is complete.

[C or U] PRODUCTION a process in which gases or chemical substances are produced as part of manufacturing or industrial processes: »

The company said its level of air emissions would stay about the same under the new permit, although it did acknowledge that the permit would allow larger releases.


Any breach of safety regulations and resulting damage within a reactor could lead to a release of radiation.

[S or U] FINANCE the act of making money available to be spent: release of sth »

Stock market indexes have recorded a steady growth in anticipation of early release of funds by the international donor agencies.

[S or U] the act of making something available to be used: release of sth »

Crude oil prices edged up to $29.66 amid disappointment that Europe has postponed any release of oil from its strategic reserves.

See also BLOCK RELEASE(Cf. ↑block release), DAY RELEASE(Cf. ↑day release), PRESS RELEASE(Cf. ↑press release)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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